How MASDP benefits children ?

When a child takes on the MASDP program he or she takes on the role as a learner, observer and thinker . MASDP training methodology guides the learner to analyze and solve given objects or numbers. As result, the training helps the learner’s alertness and swiftness of mind and senses.

In our training, learners will constantly repeat these Three processes in high speed.

  • Here they will start with identifying the sum and effortlessly interpret the same onto imaginary Abacus beads.
  • Followed by retaining the imagined abacus beads and performing the calculation.
  • Recalling the beads and writing the answer for the sum accurately.

The memory revolves around Three processes :

1. Identify

2. Retain

3. Recall

The “identify, Retain and Recall” process is carried out throughout the MASDP program where learners are trained continuously to repeat the process as fast as they possibly could. They reason out the answer of the sum by judging their visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses. They intercept what they see, hear or feel through applications of the mental arithmetic techniques. Speedy calculation aside, learners will be able to sharpen their photographic memory and imagination while expanding their creativity at the end of the day.

The MASDP Mental Arithmetic Program trains the brain and the child well with a noble diet for brain development. MASDP techniques are scientifically proven to allow full development of the human brain and maximize the potential of its left (logic) and right (creativity) hemispheres.

When learners are used to reach with accuracy in challenging times, it gives them an opportunity to reach creatively by thinking out of the box faster than anybody else. This becomes an acquired talent and enhances self confidence of the learner.

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